January 27, 2014

Style Consultation

Delta Learning’s Style Consultation is the first step in learning about your personal style and is designed to assist you in maximizing your wardrobe by mixing and matching your current clothes and accessories to create new outfits you did not know you had. Figuring out your personal style will allow you to choose items to wear when going out that communicate your personality and character.  

A Delta Coach will spend 2 hours with you in the privacy of your own home to shop your own closet and create looks for the season. By the end of the consultation, you’ll have a few combinations of outfits that make you feel confident and look your best, as well as a list to fill in the gaps. A lookbook with photographs of your newly-styled outfits taken during the session can be created for when you can’t figure out what to wear on those early mornings or impromptu dates!

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