January 27, 2014

Personal Shopping

Do you have an important event coming up or need to completely revamp your wardrobe? Does it feel like your uniform for that 9 to 5 just isn’t showing off your personality? Or are you tired of wearing your staple “date outfit” and want something that will really nail that first impression? A Personal Shopping session with one of Delta Learning’s Coaches will ensure that you no longer face these style dilemmas.

We recommend having a Style Consultation with a Delta Coach first if you’re looking to redesign your wardrobe. However, if you’re simply looking to purchase an outfit for a special occasion or interview, no prior meeting is needed.

During the Personal Shopping session your Delta Coach will educate you on the appropriate silhouettes, fabrics, and items to look for when shopping on your own. You will meet with a Delta Coach for 2 hours at designated stores based on your budget, style, and body type. 

Seasonal update shopping is also available to keep your working wardrobe up-to-date and to add unique and special pieces.